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Goodwin Fire

Subject: Goodwin Fire Update

Dear residents of Cherry,

 As you all know, the Goodwin Fire is active and causing great concern for local residents of our nearby communities. The purpose of this email is to dispel any rumors and misinformation that may have spread by well-meaning friends and relatives.
I personally attended the Incident Management Team briefing held at 6:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, at Bradshaw Mountain Middle School. At that time the fire lines are located south and west of route 69, centered between Breezy Pines and Goodwin, except for where the fire jumped 69 and is burning up to 800 acres north, half-way between Poland Junction and Mayer. A total of 21,000 acres have now burned or are burning. The communities at risk are Breezy Pines, Walker, Pine Flat, Groom Creek, Union, Potato Patch, Mayer, Turkey Creek, Poland Junction, and Dewey-Humboldt. These communities are under evacuation status or pre-evacuation status.
Our community of Cherry is not under any evacuation status at this point. This would be a good time to review pp. 17 – 20 of our community directory, evacuation procedures and precautions. For those would don’t have access to this directory, here are a few recommendations:
Keep a vehicle handy with a full tank of gas.
Keep a white towel or cloth available close to the front door ( tie to the door to show that the house is evacuated).
Keep a 72- hour emergency kit ready for quick evacuation.
Pay close attention to all radio and TV broadcasts for updates.
Keep property clear of unused furnishings and debris so as not to hinder firefighting efforts.
Gather important papers, photos, etc. ready to pack and take with you should the need arise.
Take pictures of all the rooms of your house to record all of your belongings for insurance, etc.
Plan for an alternative shelter if evacuation becomes necessary.
If Cherry should fall into pre-evacuation or evacuation status, every effort will be made to contact our residents through this email. However, you can be proactive by keeping tabs on local news and just by being vigilant. Be aware of your neighbor and make sure they are safe. You can call the Command Center’s public relations direct phone number at 928-925-1111 for Goodwin Fire updates anytime.
 If you see any sign of smoke in our area, please call Joe Boyle at 632-5637, Bill Rieber at 642-2977 or myself at 632-1110. Our trucks are ready, filled with water, pumps working to respond to the first sign of fire. We’ll jump on it as quickly as possible and back-up from the forest service will support our efforts to keep our community safe.
Staying safe and sound  for all,
Darrell Rowader
10780 W. Cherry Creek Rd. Dewey,AZ