• Old  Saddles
  • Sighting in the Remington
  • Donkey School Bus
  • Cherry School House
  • Cherry School ChildrenThe Schoolhouse at Cherry served families from throughout the area, some coming to stay in the town while school was in session.
  • Bobby Reeves with Sisters
  • Barefoot Children
  • Early Cherry HouseMost of the early residents of Cherry were miners who lived in well-appointed tents, provided there was a woman to keep up the appointments. Most of the miners eked out a subsistence living chipping away at the low-grade ores in the numerous mines surrounding the community.
  • Cherry Store 1893The Cherry Creek store was the last remaining business in Cherry before closing down in 1992. It sits on land once owned by Bill and Kate Allen, one of the communities earliest families. Allen was a freighter and his wife operated a boarding house.
  • Cherry Creek Store
  • Restored Cherry Store 2012
  • Early Settlers 1883
  • Golden Idol MineThe Golden Idol mine was one of many at Cherry.
  • Riding the Mining Car
  • Start of Cherry Creek Grade
  • First Home in Cherry 1874Built by Walter Dekuhn, Cavalry Officer from Camp Verde. Later used by Justice of the Peace and also the first Post Office.
  • Cherry Cemetery 1886
  • Nancy SessionsOne of the graves in the Cherry Cemetery is that of Nancy Sessions, grandmother of Camp Verde historian Margaret Hallet. Hallet and her husband donated the first building that became the Verde Museum and eventually Fort Verde State Historic Park. Sessions died tragically on Sunday Dec. 16, 1907, when she was run over by a train at Cherry Siding, near Dewey-Humboldt.
  • Cherry Barn
  • Cherry Barn2
  • Cherry Barn3
  • Cherry Barn & Windmill
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Special Thanks to Camp Verde Historical Society for many of the Pictures


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