Animal Safety

Special Information For Pets & Other Animals

birdIf you will be staying with friends or family, or at a hotel/motel, you can arrange to take your pets with you. However, pets are not permitted in an evacuation shelter, so make arrangements to have friends or a shelter take your pets. Yavapai County Emergency Management has information about shelters and private volunteers to care for animals.

Pet Items & Considerations

  • Keep pictures and vaccination records of your animals with important papers
  • Have at least a week’s supply of pet food and water on hand at all times for your pets. Also keep a supply of cat litter and litter box available.
  • Keep collars and tags for all your pets on hand (even indoor cats)
  • Keep dog leashes in your vehicle
  • Have cat carriers to evacuate each cat in your household
  • Have a backup supply of any medications your pet might need
  • If you might be away in case of a disaster, start a buddy system to check on your animals
  • Continue to feed your animals the food they are accustomed to as close to their normal feeding time as possible. If you feed canned food, reduce that amount by half (supplement with dry food) to reduce tummy upset
  • Know where the animal shelters are in your area