Eradicating the Invasive “Trees of Heaven”

Dear Residents of Cherry:

We received a letter from “Friends of Verde River Greenway” who have contacted us in order to help in eradicating the invasive “Trees of Heaven” in the Cherry community area.   They have announced they will help private property owners in their efforts to remove the following trees and plants:  “Tree of Heaven,” Arundo, Salt Cedar, and Russian Olive.

They have worked with the Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition to improve the habitat in that area, but are now wanting to expand to other areas,  including Cherry. If you are not familiar with the “Tree of Heaven,” the house next to our property on the west side of us that is overgrown with those trees will give you an idea of how that tree takes over in an area if left unattended.  (Our property is just across the street from the local fire department.)

I spoke with Laura Jones, who is the Community Outreach Coordinator, and she would be available to speak with any of you if you have any of these plants on your property and you would like to be rid of them.  Her contact information is:

Laura Jones   Community Outreach Coordinator    928-451-6860




This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to deal with this invasive tree issue so we need to take advantage of it.


Betty Miller


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