We have some exciting news for Cherry! 

Our CVFA President Elect, Curt Christy, has secured a “new” fire truck for Cherry through his efforts and growing relationship with the Fire Chief Roger Nusbaum of the Walker Volunteer Fire Association.    Much thanks to Curt for his work and efforts in  obtaining the  1990 Type 6 fire engine for our community . 

 Special thanks to the Walker Fire Association Board for their generous donation! 

This type 6 fire engine will be a  huge asset for our community!   The smaller truck has several benefits: It is much easier to operate and maintain, and it’s ability to go in areas the larger trucks can’t.  It will  also allow for a much quicker response time! 


 Fire Chief Roger Nusbaum of the Walker Fire Association           turning over the keys to Curt Christy our CVFA President Elect!  Key Transfer of truck


         Our new Type 6 Fire Engine also has Foam Capabilities!



   Yes, we do have a lot to be thankful for in our wonderful community of Cherry!

Thank you  Walker Fire Association!

CVFA and the Cherry Community

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