Sept 2015 – Prescribed Burn Planed for Sunnybrook Mine Area !

Hello Cherry Neighbors, 

Today we received a notice from our good friend Scott Spleiss with the Prescott National Forest Service. 

They are planning a Prescribed Burn for Sunnybrook Mine Area which is just West of Cherry and South of Cherry Creek Road. This controlled burn may happen as early as next week. So there will be a possibility of smoke in the area for several days once they start! 

Please see Scott’s e-mail below for more information. 


Thank you for your continued support, 

Faren Wattie



Hello Cherry Community,

Many of us are returning from the summer campaigns and are re-engaging with the needs of our own communities and resources. To that end I wanted to let you know we are looking to implement a small prescribed burn in the Sunnybrook mine area. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 – 150 acre could be burned depending on weather and burning conditions. Sunnybrook mine itself is considered a special area from an historical perspective, it helps tell stories about our past and our robust western heritage and for that reason we will strive to keep that area and all its historical context from burning.

As many of you know we conducted a brush mastication project there in early 2014 and now is a good time to finish this round of work with a prescribed burn to reduce the fuel loads we have there. As always we are excited to do this work because we know it improves chances for survivability of the many residents of Cherry and Federal Mine should you ever become threatened by wildfire from that direction.

The first best available date looks to be early next week beginning on September 21, 2015. If this timeframe looks suitable we anticipate one or two days to burn the area and then a few more days to patrol and ensure the burn stays within the intended boundary.  There is a possibility of seeing smoke in the area for several days because of some heavier fuel such as downed logs and large branches. If next week does not have suitable conditions to burn we will continue to pursue the right conditions and re-schedule the burn for sometime this fall.

In other news, we anticipate burning around 1000 acres on and near Onion Mountain south of Cherry sometime in October or November. This is also considered to give us a strategic advantage to provide greater survivability to the community. We also intend to regroup and continue thinning oak and juniper just west of Log Spring. This project has kind of sputtered along this summer due mostly to so many of us working on fires across the west.

We value our relationship with you all and look forward to continued cooperation.


Scott E. Spleiss Fuels, Prevention, Detection Battalion Chief
Forest Service

Prescott National Forest, Verde Ranger District

Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District

One thought on “Sept 2015 – Prescribed Burn Planed for Sunnybrook Mine Area !

  1. Barbarann Kennedy

    Thank you very much for the notices! It would be very helpful to have a map showing the area that is forecasted for the burns as not all of us know exactly where these areas are located.


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